Sesame & Popcorn Daiquiri - 10 cocktails


Sesame & Popcorn Daiquiri - 10 cocktails


10 cocktails in a 500ml bottle

Some flavours just work together, and once you’ve tasted it, it’s impossible to go back. The first time we seasoned our bottled Daiquiri with this unique combination, we knew it would be around for a long time.

Cinema style popcorn and lightly toasted sesame seeds are infused into our white rum before we build this tangy, savoury cocktail.

A little bit nutty, a little bit fun and a whole bunch of delicious.

How to have it?

A good Daiquiri normally requires a good deal of shaking. And while we cannot deny that ours tastes (and looks) great after a good pounding with ice-cubes, it is by no means essential and the this works just as well stirred over ice. 50ml.

Failing that, store her in the fridge and pour straight into a frozen glass.


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