Garden Bramble - 10 cocktails


Garden Bramble - 10 cocktails


10 cocktails in a 500ml bottle

The innovative and experimental brains behind Aske Stephenson bring this beauty of a bottle cocktail exclusive to only Lollipop's community.

An inspired twist on the modern classic, using floral ingredients for a delicate cocktail. The perfect pick me up.

Gin, citrus and blackberries are joined by sweet elderflower and earthy clary sage, creating a zesty, sweet treat with a light complexity and inviting colour.

It’s British summer time in a glass, without the unexpected showers.

How to have it?

Over ice, straight up, straight down the throat – all are acceptable methods of consumption.

Garnish with a twist of lemon if you have one. If you want to go long, why not try adding a splash of lemonade to your Garden Bramble?

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