Flat White Russian - 10 cocktails


Flat White Russian - 10 cocktails


10 cocktails in a 500ml bottle

It started with a simple idea, creating a White Russian at home, with the quality of coffee you’d expect from your favourite barista.

After a lot of trialing, testing and, very fortunately, tasting, we finalised the recipe and produced this creamy delight. The secret? Lecithin binds our ingredients together, adding a luxurious texture and a lasting finish.

The guiltiest of pleasures, with absolutely no hassle.

How to have it?

Whether you store it in the fridge or not (you don’t have to) this beauty is at it’s best served over a big chunk of ice. 50ml of it.

Pimp your Flat White Russian with a dusting of nutmeg, cinnamon, or cocoa powder.

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